Sri. K.V. Ratnam Chairman


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From the Chairman's Desk

It is my pleasure to congratulate you on enrolling yourself as a student at Ratnam Institute of Pharmacy, known for discipline, quality education and comprehensive development. Producing job seekers may be the usual outcome of any course study but our mission is to elevate it to ‘PRODUCING JOB CREATORS’.

Our students have not only excelled in academic activities by obtaining many university ranks but also proved their mettle by taking part in co-curricular of our extra-curricular activities. The cardinal objectives of our program have been achieved and have yielded rich dividends, benefits and good results. It is my pleasure to applaud the students and staff members for effectively bringing laurels and great honors. My warm wishes to all of them for their achievements.

As Nellore is going to be one of the biggest industrial hubs in Andhra Pradesh, this institution centered at equi-distance from Krishnapatnam Port and Nellore City provides an ideal ambience with it's sprawling green campus and state-of-the art infrastructural facilities for the pursuit of quality education.

Our newer courses of Advanced studies in Pharmacy aim at intensive learning and experience of the students and developing professionalism in them.

The students are exposed to the latest trends in industries and business through seminars, industrial visits etc.., they are also given an opportunity to work with the faculty on research and real life consultancy projects related to the latest developments. The enrollment of our students in leading colleges of India bear testimony to the quality of education offered at our college. At this juncture, we rededicate ourselves to the cause of education and to the service of our students for progress through devotion, dedication, and discipline and renew our pledge to STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE.

Mr. K. Venugopal, B.Tech. Secretary


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From the Secretary's Desk...

My warm greetings to you all.

With utmost humility I place my impressions on record about Ratnam Institute of Pharmacy’s rendezvous with success. The institute is built on the rock bottom of the fondly cherished ideals and the hindsight and foresight of the founder chairman Sri. K. V. Ratnam.

‘Character building’ being the main motto, the institute now stands aloft in imparting world class education that can be pursued in a serene eco-friendly campus with library, labs, playground and infrastructure, a class apart, supported by well qualified dedicated staff.

The reason why ‘Ratnam’ has remained as the “First Choice Pharmacy Institute” is the trust and credibility over long years since it was established in 2007, we as a committed team of Administrative and Academic staff have established. We constantly endeavor to give the best by updating our curriculum in tandem with the consistent changes in the field of pharmacy. Using technology in instruction is an integral part of our innovative methods. Through our apps and online classes, we provide extended learning and interaction. The innovative Curricular, Extracurricular and Co-curricular activities inspire the students to enrich their talents, skills and knowledge and be ‘Better than the Best’.

“Pharmacists keep the world healthy and vibrant and we at Ratnam, Keep the Pharmacists in the right spirit and knowledge to do so.”

With regards... .

Dr. K. Krishna Kishore, M.B.B.S., M.S., Ortho.Vice-Chairman


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From the Vice-Chairman's desk..

It is with a deep sense of fulfillment and gratitude, I express my indebtedness to all the stakeholders for putting ‘Ratnam Institute of Pharmacy’ on a high pedestal. No wonder, it has emerged as one of the most preferred premier institutes with its cutting-edge infrastructure, sprawling campus, awe-inspiring ambience, dedicated staff and students par excellence.

"Success speaks of success". What started humbly as a pharmacy college with B.Pharmacy and M.Pharmacy courses, has taken great leaps and has bloomed into the biggest organization adding new feathers in its cap- Pharm D, Pharm D PB and research support shaping a bright career for thousands of students. In the existing global scenario, it is common knowledge that pharmacy is playing a pivotal role in public health and has assumed vital importance. The onus of imparting holistic quality education, that can inspire students to stand abreast of the growing needs and demands falls upon the pharmacy colleges. Ratnam Institute of Pharmacy with its immaculate record has always resonated with the crescendo and it always strives to live up to the lofty standards.

I aver that this is the institution that helps you in the comprehensive development of your skills and knowledge.

With Best Wishes...