Walk & Talk

This unique club will help the students to free their creativity and enjoy a fresh and energising approach to improve their skills. Instead of doing it on their own, they’ll have a whole group of like-minded friends and a mentor to provide all the help and support for them to succeed. And students will get fresh air and exercise too!

Thinking, talking, and walking are inextricably linked through history. It is only a recent idea that we meet around tables, seated in chairs.


  • Physical activity that fits into the day
  • Energized and more alert participants
  • Different environments to inspire new ideas
  • Time outdoors, in nature, and with fresh air and light
  • Walking and talking side by side cuts through hierarchical and status distinctions and sets people at ease
  • Enhanced relationship building
  • Creativity and new solutions
  • If the group is larger, several conversations happen at the same time and people can move around easily to talk to others in the group
  • Enhanced group identity and strengthened team spirit
  • Meetings that no longer feel like a waste of time