The main objective of Research Advisory Committee is to explore new avenues of knowledge, encourage and promote research culture at the College. The research and teaching should go hand in hand for knowledge accumulation. The committee encourages faculty members to undertake and pursue their research and publish their findings. They are also encouraged to participate and present papers at conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops. The Committee is to organize regularly research oriented Faculty Development Programs, workshops, Management Development Programs, Seminars & conferences in the College. This committee deliberates all important issues relevant to research at the college level, which include research clusters, college research seminars, research infrastructure; research funding, research productivities.

Objective of RAC

  • To foster Innovation and Research that will lead to competitive development;
  • To establish our college as a Centre for Excellence in Innovation, through an interdisciplinary approach;
  • To create opportunities for students to build their Academic Profile for a successful career;
  • To enhance productivity in our youth and channel their intellect to improvise and invent for the benefit of society.

    Role and Responsibilities

    • Organizing National and International Conferences;
    • Organizing Short Term Training Programs and workshops;
    • Establishing linkages with other Institutes / Labs / Organizations for projects;
    • Arranging seminars on paper presentation techniques for faculty and students, designed to meet national and international standards;
    • Inculcate the concept of research among students & staff by arranging paper presentation competitions;
    • Encourage publication of research articles by sending deserving entries to journals;
    • Identifying members of the faculty who have are orientation towards research activities.