Drug Information Service


Drug information service (DIS) is the service that encompasses the activities of specially trained individuals to provide accurate, unbiased, factual information, primarily in response to patient-oriented problems occurred from the healthcare teams. Drug information is the provision of written and/or verbal information about drugs and drug therapy in response to a request from other healthcare providing organizations, committees, patients, and public community. The hospital-based DIC perform various activities which include answering the in-house call, assist in formulary decision, participate in drug use evaluation, coordinate adverse drug reaction reporting, publishing newsletter, provide in service education, assist in Pharmacy and Therapeutic committee (P and T) committee, oversee investigational drug activity.


RIPh aimed to provide relevant information on the drug usage and to intervene any drug related problems to provide better patient care in tertiary care teaching hospital, ACSR Govt general hospital (Formerly DSR Govt Head Quarters Hospital), Nellore, Andhra Pradesh with following objectives.

  • To evaluate Drug interventional services provided by clinical pharmacist in a tertiary care teaching hospital.
  • To provide drug information by direct approach and query boxes and finding the efficacy ratio by feedback process.
  • To identify and rectify DRP’s with the suggestions of physicians.
  • To analyze its benefits in optimizing quality and safety of medication use.
  • To conduct the reactive and passive interventions.
  • To evaluate the quality of drug information service provided.

    Role of Clinical Pharmacist in Drug Information Services (DIS)

    • Communicates information about the services available.
    • Responds to queries accordingly to the degree of urgency.
    • Maintains a documented system for recording details of the query & enquirer.
    • Maintains documents for recording various responses to queries.
    • Records the queries & their response references.
    • Stores drug information service documents.
    • Ensures the service is evaluated at regular intervals.
    • Seeks regular feedback from users to ensure that the drug information service has been provided in a timely and satisfactory manner.
    • Perform quality assurance of the information which has provided for improved quality of service.

    Dr. M. Bhargavi
    Asst.Professor, Ratnam Institute of Pharmacy, Nellore
    DIS Member
    Dr. D. Sujana
    Asst.Professor, Ratnam Institute of Pharmacy, Nellore
    DIS Student Member
    Mr. Sk. Asifuddin
    Pharm.D Internship Student, Ratnam Institute of Pharmacy, Nellore

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